Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Unwelcome Visitors

Miserable weather all day so we have only been doing what was necessary.

We were waiting for deliveries of a new washing machine and sideboard so I was watching out of the window on a regular basis when I heard bugles at the same time as I saw a large van go past the end of our lane. My 'phone rang and it was the delivery man asking exactly where we were so I told him to turn around and gave him directions. Our dogs suddenly started to bark and riders on horseback dashed past our gate. Luckily I went to the other window to make sure the alpacas weren't being scared when I saw two of the hunt dogs in the distance only a few feet from the herd heading straight for them. The alpacas were staring and screeching. I slipped on a pair of shoes and shouted to the boys to come and help. We ran across as the dogs raced past us, wagging their tails and slunk under the gate. A couple of the riders were on the other side of the hedge blowing their horns, I can't tell you where I wanted to shove them. The boys handled the delivery of the washing machine while I then replaced muddy shoes with wellies and went to check all the alpacas. My heart was in my mouth because I thought I could see our only dark cria, Temple, not moving. I took the feed bucket thinking that I would try to pacify them with food while I checked them all. Temple was fine, what I had been looking at was a full black hay net; I really must go for an eye test. I'm sure it had me more stressed than the alpacas. They just acted as though nothing had happened and followed me and the bucket quite happily.


  1. I would be giving the local hunt a ring, explaining that you do not want their activities on your land. I am not agaisnt hunting per se, I am a country boy at heart.
    But after a fair warning, if they entered my land the dogs would have been blown back off it by the blast from my 12 bore shotgun ;o))

  2. Oh dear !.. that sounds like an auwful shock...especially when you thought the hay net was your cria...I know how its feels you heart just drops to the pit of your stomach...I had a shock one day when I looked into the barn and mistoke a rug which had fallen on the floor for a cria....what a auwful feeling....the local hunt have no right to enter any land without the owners permission, taking liberties, not to mention the stress on your animals...I would give them a piece of my mind also ~!......why do people think that they have the right...its not the dogs, but the people who are 'so called in charge' could have been a complete night-mare, pleased to hear your alpacas are unharmed....Jayne

  3. It's not the dog's fault! :(