Monday, 9 November 2009

Just Chillin'

Even though we had thick mist here this morning it soon lifted and I got on with putting out fresh hay for the alpacas, they're really getting through it now. They all gathered round on either side of the fence, ate their fill and then sat around chewing the cud and just chillin'. All was obviously well in their lives, they looked really content. I then got on with cleaning out the pigs and giving them a couple of bales of fresh straw. Every piece I had put in must have been in the wrong place because they then got to work pushing it around with their noses until they were satisfied they had a comfy carpet of it. Even though it was really cold I took a cup of coffee out just to sit and enjoy watching the animals for a while.

It really brightened up this afternoon so I got on with paddock cleaning while Ollie and Phil dismantled some of the fencing that we no longer need.

We've spent the evening making a shopping list for a trip to Mole Valley tomorrow. We're going to order some alpaca hurdles and apparently we need some more 12ft gates. Not exactly the most exciting shopping trip I've been on but it has to be done and it is nice to buy things that will make life easier.

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  1. You can never have too many hurdles, no matter how many we have I always need one more!!