Thursday, 5 November 2009

Can I Have My Money Back Please?

This evening we all sat down to watch Countrywise on ITV because we had read that there was an item about alpacas. We laughed at some of the claims that were made but now I have decided that our alpacas must be 'seconds'. Our fibre can't stop people from sweating as claimed on the programme so there must be something wrong with them. There's only one thing for it, they'll have to go back to make room for 'proper' ones.

Apart from that we have had a really good day. We have had showers on and off but mainly sunshine with lovely clear blue skies. Si started off by cleaning out the pigs then giving them 3 bales of straw to play with and keep them warm. I collected nettles for them as they absolutely love eating them but they leave the stems lying around, I don't know why they won't touch them. Si filled up all the hay bags and the alpacas followed him around with them. He looked a bit like the Pied Piper with 18 animals chasing him round the perimeter of the paddocks.

Si was still working when it got dark getting everything ready for when the contractor arrives on Saturday morning to get the fence posts in. It's pathetic how excited we are about this after waiting so long for our planning and then to actually find somebody local willing to do it.

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  1. I was particularly delighted our alpacas didn't look like those on Countrywise. OMG!