Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Noah Set Sail

Not a lot has been getting done around here because of the weather. The ground is so water-logged now that we are developing our own lakes. Noah took off on his ark two days ago. He must have got up to quite a speed with the gales in his sails. Luckily, he didn't take any of our animals, he must have collected enough on his own.

Si and the boys have been struggling with the fencing despite the weather but it has been really slow going. The ground is too soft to be able to use vehicles on so it means posts etc are being carried by hand to where they are needed. We are almost bent double fighting against the wind as we walk uphill, poor Si looks as though he will snap in two being so tall.

Yesterday we had some really sad news. The alpaca that had been off-colour died on Sunday night. The vet and MGB were absolutely marvelous but it just got to the stage of keeping her as comfortable as possible. The vet seems to think that it was a twisted gut and has taken her for a PM. I don't think I will ever get used to animals dying even though we were warned about this before started breeding the alpacas.

The noise around here is dreadful at the moment. Gales are still blowing but the forecast is for them to get worse over night and die down tomorrow. We are also forecast a few dry days with sunshine. I can't wait. My poor animals are filthy but they're still not staying in the field shelters.

Read Zanzibar's blog before and picked up a great tip for repairing my wellies. They developed a leak yesterday so tomorrow I will be looking for the boy's puncture repair kits.


  1. Hi Folks,

    Sorry to hear of your loss. That's terrible. It will be interesting to see what the poor girl had wrong with her. What a shame. Thinking of you.

    Rob n Les

  2. Thanks Rob and Les. It doesn't get any easier losing them does it? Hoping PM results are back tomorrow and will let you know then.

  3. Very sorry about the loss. We know how devastating that can be. Every best wish.
    Rosemary, Carl and Sam

  4. It's terrible when you lose one isn't it, like you I don't think I will ever find it any easier. I hope her cria is ok, you said she was pinching milk from another mum but poor little mite isn't very old is she.

    Hopefully the pm comes back with answers so you can at least have a reason.

    Best Wishes from Barnacre.

  5. Ha ha....that made me laugh out loud !...the thought that I'd inspired your to also repair your wellies !!!!....the repair is working at the moment feet still dry !...ps I also used super glue just to make sure the patch would stick !...sorry to read about your poorly alpaca...its horrible and it never gets any easier when you loose an animal....we are being battered by the wind tonight !.......Good luck with the repair !...Jayne