Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Slip Sliding Away

Every time I got my outdoor clothes on today the heavens opened. I pulled up my collar to go and do the feeds and my hair was catching in the velcro on it causing quite a bit of pain. Once I'd put the feed in the troughs for the alpacas they obviously decided it wasn't enough and a few of them decided to follow me trying to get their head in the bucket. The ground was so muddy and wet that I was sliding down hill trying to get away from them. They couldn't really understand as usually I like it if they follow me and a few of them will stand and have their necks stroked but not today, I just wanted to get warm and dry again. I usually feed the pigs first but decided to leave them until last, they saw me with the alpacas and screamed and screamed until I gave them their food.

Twice during the afternoon I put my outdoor clothes on again to do the paddock cleaning and the rain started up. As soon as I had settled to do some chores indoors the sun would come out. All the animals got their evening feeds early as it got quite warm around 4pm.

Tonight it is bright, with a large moon, dry and warm so I really hope that it holds on for tomorrow because there are so many jobs we want to get done before the weekend.

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  1. If it makes you feel better...we are having the same kind of weather up here in NE Scotland....where does all the mud come from !!....I wonder....roll on spring-time !!..Jayne