Saturday, 7 November 2009

Nosey Girls

We've had lovely blue skies today which was really lucky as the contractor came out to put the posts in for the new paddocks. We didn't have proper gate posts in before so he fixed those in first and the girls were so nosey they had to come over to have a look. I thought the alpacas would be nervous of the tractor and a stranger but that wasn't going to stop them. As soon as the first post was in they walked over and started to sniff at it. He was a lovely man and really interested in the animals. Alpacas do seem to have that effect on people, don't they? He'll be back on Thursday to do more, weather permitting. He didn't finish until it had gone dark so I haven't been able to see properly what he has done but I will be out there tomorrow morning to have a look.

Ollie and Phil built the shed that has been sitting in pieces for a couple of weeks, they have really started to get motivated now that they can see the place coming together. They were full of enthusiasm when we first moved here but as things dragged on they started to get a bit bored of just living in a field in the middle of nowhere. They are planning where everything is going to go now and will be fitting the actual fencing to the posts tomorrow and hanging gates. I must admit the part they are really looking forward to is getting the digger back to flatten an area for the foundations of the barn. There are probably more technical terms for what they are going to do but I don't know them and I don't really want to know them. I still call that big metal thing for the fencing a post basher and I think that is perfectly adequate, it explains exactly what it does, although I am always being corrected.

OD* (I will probably have to stop calling her that soon) has started work. She has been walking around Liverpool for weeks handing out her CV and finally it has paid off. She now has 2 part-time jobs as well as Uni so she is going to be really busy. I'm so proud of her because she didn't give up when she kept getting told there were no vacancies. Even with the job she has just started she was told there were no vacancies but they telephoned her half an hour after she had given them her CV and invited her for an interview. I can't see her having much of her wages left though because it is in WHSmith and the temptation will be too great, the pair of us have a 'thing' about pretty stationary.

The rain has absolutely poured down tonight so it looks as though it will be another muddy and slippery day tomorrow. When we first moved down here I loved having to wear 'wellies' because I hadn't worn them since I was a child but the novelty is starting to wear off now that we can't take a step outside without them.

*Si just pointed something out. I'm not pregnant, just that she will no longer deserve the name Overdraft so I will start to refer to her as DD (Darling Daughter).

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  1. Our girls were the same when we had a tractor in to knock our gate posts in. They just cant resist being noisy can they.

    Thanks for you kind comments about my knitwear too; it really keeps me motivated when people appreciate it.