Thursday, 19 November 2009

Take My Breath Away

We've been battered by gales again so much so that when I went out to do the morning feeds I could hardly breathe. The wind was so strong it felt as though it was taking my breath away.

The pigs couldn't be tempted out of their ark. That is most unusual because they are normally out screaming and grunting at the first sound of somebody with the feed bins. I think they were really disgruntled. I went and collected some nettles for them to cheer them up and they were soon back to normal. Their usual supply is now almost replete so I will have to start searching further for them.

Mimi had managed to get into one of the new paddocks on her own and had to be coaxed out with the feed bucket. She was soon back with the rest of the herd but it is a bit of a worry as she had been cushing against the fence with Merlin on the other side. She absorbed her pregnancy last year and has been mated 4 times this year, she has even been flushed by the vet. She does seem to be getting pregnant, as she spits off for about a month, but then absorbs it. We will have to start all over with her again in the Spring.

Paddock cleaning is absolutely horrendous with the amount of rain we are having and a paddock cleaner is very firmly on the wish list. The boys went out to put some more top rails on today but found that Si had gone off to the office with the saws in the back of the car. I think we will have to check the car every day before he goes.

We've just checked the weather forecast for tomorrow to try to plan what we can do outside but as it says that we have heavy rain at the moment and there isn't a drop falling I don't think that we can rely on what it says for tomorrow. We will just have to look out of the window when we wake up.

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