Thursday, 19 November 2009

Deja Vu and Post Natal Depression

Mark the contractor was here bright and early this morning with his post basher (actually it wasn't that bright) he worked really hard putting in those great big gate post things and then set about making the chase. It rained on and off all day but that didn't stop him and you could tell he was a tough farmer type as he only had on a short sleeved t-shirt but Si was wrapped up in waterproofs.

The alpacas seem to be getting really excited about the new layout. They have all been pronking on and off all day it's as though the older ones have rediscovered their inner cria. It's wonderful to watch and cheers everybody up even though the days are grey at the moment.

Si phoned me from one of the paddocks to ask if I had seen the goats. I went into panic mode thinking they has escaped but it was just that Sweetheart was trying to mate with Cherub. He no longer has the necessary equipment and they are far too young anyway but nothing was going to put him off. He even started to take a run up before jumping on her. It was really funny to watch but I was worried about Cherub getting really fed up and stressed. I telephoned MGB for advice and they have reassured me that it should only go on for about 3 days or so.

One of our girls, who only gave birth about 4 weeks ago, appears to be ill. There is nothing obvious, she just keeps sitting down a lot and her milk has dried up. No worries there though because her cria is feeding off one of the other mums. She has been seen by the vet who can find nothing wrong but if she is still bad tomorrow then blood samples will be taken. My idea of post natal depression wasn't even considered. Why can't alpacas be hormonal too?

Si and I dashed to the shops about 6 tonight and when we got back Top Gear was on TV again with the two boys sprawled on the sofa. Is this programme never off? They watch repeats of repeats and then there is also the option of watching them again on +1. I was having none of this so promptly switched over. Guess what? While I was washing up after dinner they managed to find a repeat of a programme that had only been on once before (This week's Top Gear which we missed on Sunday. Si). I'm blaming Rob at Wellground. They seem to think that alpaca farmers have to have a perverse interest in fast cars and other dirty oily things like dirt bikes, quad bikes and tractors. I can see this is all going to cost me a fortune.

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  1. I am sure poorly girl will be fine, she is in great hands with the MGB's.

    Talking MGB's, petrol heads in your family is just fine. (Did you like me link) I accept full responsibility ;o))

    Take care.