Friday, 20 November 2009

Last Night I Went To Bed With David Cassidy........and he kept me awake 'til dawn

I've waited over 30 years to be able to say that. It's not quite as exciting as it sounds though; Si got me his autobiography from the library yesterday and I couldn't put it down. It was lovely reliving my school days through his songs. He's the reason I'm doing this blog so early though, I'm absolutely bushed after getting next to no sleep.

MGB telephoned first thing to let me know that the girl that was worrying us was a lot more comfortable after the vet called yesterday and gave her an injection and she has been getting up a bit more. She even let her cria feed from her even though she has next to no milk.

Ollie and Phil have been fitting more top rails today and tomorrow they will be doing more dismantling of unwanted fencing. I'm glad we had the contractor here on Wednesday as we heard this evening that he went down with swine flu yesterday. We all contracted it earlier in the year so should have immunity from it now, at least we hope so as we have never felt so ill.

I refilled all the hay bags and the alpacas all came running as soon as they spotted them. They do love anything new. It's really strange though, I could have sworn we had mainly white alpacas but they seem to have disappeared and been replaced with mid fawn ones, they're all the same shade as the clay soil we have here. Although the weather has been beautiful today the ground is still really muddy and with more rain forecast over the weekend they may clean up a bit.


  1. What white boys turn grey when they get wet in the winter....they look scruffy !...hope you get some sleep tonight !...Jayne

  2. Had nothing to post the weather has been so bad. Just been doing the feeds and then watching the animals through the window. We've had terrible gales too. Finished David Cassidy book in 2 days.