Sunday, 8 November 2009

Mistaken Identity

Well, I went out this morning to look at the work that had been done yesterday and I have to say that I was really impressed with how much had been done in such a short time. The place is starting to look really different already. Si and Ollie started the actual fencing today and because Rosemary's men had worked so hard the other day it put them to shame and they also worked after it had gone dark by the lights of the car (thank you, Rosemary) the only problem was they did it a bit too long and the battery went flat. Si then had to jump start the car as he needs it to go to the office tomorrow.

While they were doing that I did the evening feeds but struggle with the gates and obviously hadn't closed one properly. The next thing I knew all the girls with this years cria had got into the paddock with the two year old boys. I had a terrible time trying to separate them, I kept getting them mixed up. I realised I had got one of the boys into the girls paddock (I only did this by practically bending double to look underneath them) then Si came to help when I had almost sorted them out. He then let one of the boys into the girls paddock so we were back to square one. I did what I used to do with the children when they were small, I resorted to bribery. The girls will always follow the bucket but for some reason the boys don't.

We're sending the contract off for the barn tomorrow along with the deposit so it is really getting exciting. Si may end up spending his Xmas holidays doing blockwork etc but at least things are moving now. He did mention something about hardcore but I think he means stones and things on the ground.

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  1. Working by headlights didn't do our vehicle much good either but with these dark evenings it has got to be done!
    Where are the pictures of this new fencing? - longing to see!
    Very envious about the barn!