Monday, 2 November 2009

Training - it works

We've had rain for the past two days accompanied by high winds. I've been really worried about the animals but it doesn't really matter, they've got us well trained now. I was looking out of the window yesterday and said to Si that they had all crowded around the gate at the top of their paddock again. They obviously wanted to get out and I felt guilty but didn't want to get wet again; I sent Si. See, they've got us trained in a matter of days, clever girls. They walked right round and started peering through the window at us but I didn't feel so guilty that we let them in. What do you do when you've got those large dark eyes pleading with you? Ah well, I took them some diced apple to make amends as though I was responsible for the rain. Even Ms Humphreys came out of the field shelter and risked getting wet. She obviously enjoyed her treat as she then rolled in a mud bath. What a delight she looked, she already had a coat full of leaves.

We had a surprise yesterday morning. We have been trying to get fence posts put in for the past few months and finally a contractor returned our call from weeks ago and has promised to come out next Saturday to make a start. If we get the new paddocks done we can then finally get the barn built. The boys can't wait to get diggers, tractors and other boy toys here to play on.

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