Friday, 13 November 2009


We had really misty, wet weather all day.

I went over to feed the girls and out of the mist came a man wearing long white robes with a scroll under his arm which had instructions for building a boat, he introduced himself as Noah (people who keep goats eh Rob). The rain really has been that bad and is due to go on for the next few days at least.

We were due a gas delivery today which was a bit of a relief as the gas in the fire ran out last night. By 11 I was dancing to 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson on the radio wearing Ugg type slippers and my woolly hat to try to keep warm. What a sight I must have looked. I remember the days when I never went over the door without wearing makeup and shoes and bags always had to match, now I look like a bag lady.

My feet were sinking into the mud fast at the gateways and the holes I was creating quickly filled with water, it wasn't so bad as I was well wrapped up but Chance, who loves cuddles, came up next to me while I was putting the feed in the troughs and ran her neck and face all over my face; she obviously felt in the need of some affection. This would not have been so bad but she had clearly been rolling in mud and because our soil is heavy clay it stuck to me. I wish the girls at least would go into the shelter but they seem quite contented getting wet and muddy.

We've been listening to branches hitting the roof all day because of the gales and apparently it is going to be worse tomorrow. Good news on the fencing front though, the man phoned today full of apologies for forgetting and said that he could come out on Wednesday so Si is going to change his office days this week just so we can get the work done.

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  1. I knew that 'goat' theory would come back to haunt me. Aggrrrr!!!!!