Friday, 13 November 2009

I Know What I'm Getting For Xmas

Had some great news today. I woke to a 'phone call from the company that is going to fit our barn and they said they could do it in 3 weeks time. Just need to level the land, dig it out, get hardcore delivered and levelled. So I'm getting brieze blocks for christmas and I've told Si I want every one gift wrapped and tied with a red bow.

The bad news is the man with the pole basher didn't turn up this morning, so that is probably going to delay proceedings.

The living room is looking a lot smarter now after the boys put the new sideboard together and in to place. All the rubbish is behind closed doors.

Next job on the horizon is to get a log burner fitted. I've been looking on the internet for instructions for making Alpaca poo bricks without much success. I think I can workout how to make them, I just don't know how long they take to dry.

Been stuck inside most of the day as the weather has been horrendous, even had difficulty connecting to the internet since we only have a mobile connection. It has been nice this evening seeing how many foreign visitors we have had reading this blog. I've spent most of the day relearning how to crochet and doing my nails after seeing how beautiful Rosemary's were.


  1. You find time to do your nails!!!!

    The poo bricks take absolutely ages to dry I'm afraid. They take a while to master it's just trail and error really, good luck.

    I'm very envious of your new barn.

  2. Not good nails any more! I accidently snipped one off whilst passing a scalpel to the vet!