Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Pronking Ghosts

Been off-line for a few days as dongle for mobile internet access broke. Si took the dongle into the Orange shop in Exeter and was told there was nothing wrong with it and we needed a new computer. He phoned the service centre last night after 6.30pm and they couriered a new one to us first thing this morning. Really impressed with the excellent service, just a pity it isn't backed up by the assistant in the shop.

During the stormy weather we have been having we actually started to use Alpaca Manager, we downloaded it last week but took laptop and alpaca records to bed with us last night and started to input all the info. You can tell we have been together a long time from that sentence. I remember the days .......................

Fencing is coming on and tomorrow more posts should be going in. The ground is really slippery at the moment and when I was pushing the wheelbarrow today after doing the paddock cleaning I slipped and fell right into it. Thank goodness it doesn't smell and it soon washes off and looking on the bright side I had a really soft landing. I would have been really upset if I'd just cleaned the pigs out though.

Ollie and Phil fitted some of the top rails this afternoon while we went shopping so I was really pleased with them. They couldn't do any yesterday as Si had driven to the office with all the nails in the back of the car.

Spoken to MGB a couple of times today trying to arrange another get together and to get to see the girls and babies they are looking after for us. I'm also planning on getting another goat from them but they aren't due until February or March so it feels like a long wait but with so much work still to do I'm sure it will soon pass.

Si was still working outside when it got dark tonight but opened the door to tell me that all the alpacas were pronking around the perimeter. I love watching them pronk so dashed out without a coat to watch, it was so funny. I could just see white shapes bouncing around, they looked like fat ghosts. We still have so much grass that they are a bit on the large side but, hopefully, it will keep them a bit warmer until we get a barn to give them extra shelter. Ms Humphreys is huge as she is due to give birth at the beginning of spring and she wasn't shorn this year so her coat was flying up and down as she pronked.

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  1. Just put another link up on facebook to try and get you some more interest. I'm kind of regretting it after reading the second paragraph, I'm not sure I want to subject my friends to the kind of trauma I'm currently experiencing :P