Friday, 27 November 2009

Blonde Day

For some reason I have been having difficulty signing into the blog tonight. It kept telling me that cookies had been disabled. Mmmmmmmmm cookies. Anyway it has just worked ok without me doing anything highly technical with the computer (as if I could).

My poor animals look dreadful. They're so wet that their coats have lost a lot of their fluffiness and they look as though they have lost loads of weight, if only the same thing happened to me when it rains. They haven't lost their appetites though. I popped out to play with the goats when the rain stopped for a short time today and the alpacas must have thought it was feed time and came charging over. I felt so guilty about them being out in the rain, although it is really their own fault as they won't use their field shelters, that they got their dinner early.

I decided to crack on with entering all the animal details onto the database. It's brilliant because the animals we bought from Wellground have every toenail cutting, medicine etc listed from the day they were born so I have just been copying the printouts that Rob and Les gave us then adding on meds that we have given. I really must stop thinking of the alpacas as being my babies because I entered all of them as having blue eyes, well I have and my ex husband has so it seems logical to me at the time. It was only when I thought I had finished for the night that I realised what I had done and had to go back in and correct them all. Think how much damage I could do if I was naturally blonde. I think I will blame the fact that it was too noisy to concentrate with the hammering of the rain on the roof.

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