Saturday, 27 February 2010

Quads and quads

Cherrybomb managed to get to the fresh hay first

Si took Ollie to Quadworld in Cullompton this morning to race around on a quad bike. If the fun can be measured by the amount of mud that he was wearing when he got back then he had a great time. While they were there I worked out my quads by pushing the wheelbarrow full of hay round all the paddocks topping up the bags. You can see Cherrybomb with her younger sister, Temple, next to her. Their mum, Chance, wasn't going to let them get between her and the fresh hay so just stuck her head over.

When Si got back he came out and started to hang more gates, we've also been planning where the rest of the paddocks are going to go. We can't agree so are going to mark them out tomorrow morning with electric wire posts. I can always move them again when he's doing hard sums on Monday.

(No doubt she will as well, but I'll be the one working with the contractor. We'll see who has the last laugh. Ed)


  1. If Rosemary had confined herself to Poo Picking I would have finished this fencing by now!

  2. Why is poo picking always woman's work? We always get the never ending chores:) Once a fence is up, it's up.

  3. A fence is only up for as long as the woman wants it there. Approx 2 months is typical.


  4. It's not like a woman to 'take a fence' though is it ;o))