Sunday, 21 February 2010

Falling in Love Again

Kisses for Lily

I had an absolutely fantastic day yesterday. We went over to Westhill Alpacas for our first visit and became completely besotted by Lily, a suri cria. She comes across for cuddles, I know it looks as though I am strangling her but I really wasn't. She is so pretty, so loveable, so everything. She has beautiful tight ringlets with a dazzling sheen. Her best friend, at the moment, I am working on this, is Emily. Emily is a huayaca and has a lovely crimp. We then examined Wellground Lina's fleece, it really is impressive, but she wasn't keen on strangers ruffling through it and let fly with the slimey green stuff. She may be a stunning alpaca but her aim leaves a lot to be desired. I was a sitting target and she still missed me. Maybe I should bring her over here and let her take lessons off Ms Humphreys.

We retired to the house and it has views to die for but unfortunately you can't see the alpacas. They are the other side of the house, across a road and hidden behind a high bank. I think I'd rather forgo the views and be able to see the animals, especially at birthing time. Rosemary put the kettle on and brought out two tins of homemade cakes (sorry for eating so many) and we sat in front of the log burner for coffee...........wonderful. We then went back across to see the animals and get a few shots with the cameras. Carl took one of me from behind and it is published on Rosemary's blog there is a link on this page (Westhill's really witty and makes me laugh out loud). I now have a long list of things to do............dye hair, manicure, lose weight.........I told Si that the camera puts at least 10lbs on you and he asked just how many cameras had I eaten.

We dashed back home, dropped off Ollie and then headed straight to Exeter for the TB Awareness Meeting. Gina Bromage gave a presentation and we left feeling really positive and armed with lots of information that should keep our alpacas safe. I finally met Dianne Summers and these meetings probably wouldn't be taking place if it weren't for her and Gina, they have worked really hard with Mike Birch to enable them to take place. They have worked so hard on behalf of the alpaca industry. If you haven't attended one yet they are really worth the effort. An added bonus was that I met up with one of my gorgeous men and had another hug.

Having such a lovely day yesterday meant that there were two days poo to clean today, we were all ready to do injections and then the rain started so that has been put off for another day.


  1. Who cares about the photo shoot...just do what the supermodels could always get airbrushed ! long as you had an excellent time !....experiencing the 'Alpaca-love'.......Jayne

  2. We had a great day too, lovely to see you (Carl says sorry he missed some of it due to his window fitting!) Looking forward to coming to you soon.