Thursday, 18 February 2010

Mole Valley Comes Up Trumps Again.......

We had a telephone call from Mole Valley Farmers this morning to tell us that the spring bolts that they had ordered for us were in. When we said that we couldn't get in today they said they would put them in the post for us. How's that for service? We should be able to lock some more gates properly now instead of jamming them closed with fence posts.

We now have a swimming pool and moat after all the rain. Si had used the digger to dig out a path to our front door but before he could fill it in with hardcore the rain filled it for him. The hole for the barn now looks like a very muddy swimming pool.

We haven't really known what to do with ourselves today with the non-stop rain. We couldn't even give the alpacas their A,D and E a couple of days early because we won't inject them when their coats are soaked. We've caught up with friends on the 'phone and arranged to see people and then decided to take library books back but when we got there the door was locked. I looked through the window and it was filled with children and marching roman soldiers. So that is obviously what the mum's do with their kids down here. Lock them in a large room with soldiers to babysit them. What do they feed their kids that they warrant armed guards? I thought Si had been lacing my coffee with something and obviously I didn't have my camera with me.


  1. Just as well that you didn't have your camera with you....I wouldn't want you to get arrested!..Barbara

  2. I forgot we're not allowed to photograph kids activities anymore. I've got albums full of my kids and their friends in school and church plays we all still love looking at.


  3. There's nothing wrong with taking pictures of you're own kids lol...I think it would be the peering in through the window photographing other peoples children that might cause the suspision xxx

  4. Glad we could be of service! :)

    Hope you're all enjoying the sunny weather now,

    Katie, Mole Valley Farmers