Friday, 19 February 2010

Where Did You Get That Hat?

Ms Humphrey deciding if the camera is edible

Wellground Juno and Hemiccoyo Cricket of Cambridge

I've spent the day trying to fill our new moat with stones, it's been really cold even though the sun has been shining most of the day. I spent a lot of time trying to take photos too but the camera seems to take a shot a few seconds after I've pressed the button and the animals have usually moved away. Si comes home and loads them onto the computer to edit and I am lucky if I have two useable shots out of about twenty.

We have been discussing which alpacas to put up for sale and every time Si suggests one Ollie and I say 'Ah, you can't sell that one'. It's like choosing which child to put up for sale. We have finally settled on selling some of the boys so they will have to go onto Alpaca Seller soon.

I also searched the paddocks for a hat that I had lost. I knew I had put it in my pocket when I got too hot doing the paddock cleaning and it wasn't there next time I wanted to go out. I searched the house but decided it must have fallen out. There was no sign of it anywhere so I decided it must have blown away. I came in for coffee and looked over at my jacket (I had just thrown it over the back of a dining chair) and there was my hat. I had put my hood up when we had a rain shower and my hat was still sitting in the hood.

We are really looking forward to visiting another alpaca breeder tomorrow so I cleaned my wellies and then scrubbed them with a weak bleach solution. Trying to clean the soles was fun, I had to scrape the mud out with a matchstick. We have heavy clay soil and it really clogs up the thread. Si has still got his to do and he says that he will do the morning feeds in a pair of trainers. That is something I need to watch, I don't think he realises just how muddy it is near the top paddocks. We're taking bio-security seriously now and you can't be too careful. The wellies are going straight into carrier bags and won't come back out again until we are on their farm.


  1. Im glad you found your hat !...its hard deciding which animals to part with....its something that I haven't had to do yet....thankfully....I've got a bit more time...before we get round to that....(phew !)...I hope the morning feed goes well in the trainers.....!!....enjoy your day out visiting.........Jayne

  2. No matter what they say, parting with alpacas that you have reared is not an easy exercise!

  3. When I saw 'It's like choosing which child to put up for sale' I laughed, instantly thinking that it really wouldn't be that difficult. You made my joke better by adding 'We finally settled on selling some the boys' :D xxx