Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Grass is Always Greener

Wherever we put Chance she always wants the grass in the next paddock.

We had a quality afternoon in the company of the comedian John Bishop. He was appearing in Bristol and even though it meant a two hour drive there we decided that it was worth it, and it was. He was absolutely hilarious and the best part was that when Si went to collect the car after the show John came out and Ollie and I were chatting to him for quite a while.

When we got back I checked the blogs and there was some really exciting news on Wellground's blog, We had decided not to take any animals to shows this year because of the danger of contracting bTB so the news on Robs Blog means that we can take our fleeces to a new show. A really innovative idea and should be a really good day out.

The other good news is that our grass has started to grow. I thought I was imagining it but when I was chatting to Rosemary the other day she said that hers was too, so there it is. It is official. We have decided. Spring has sprung.


  1. I have a girl like that too!

    Chiquita is a pest for putting her head through the fence I'm always worried that she will get it stuck. Her mum Willow is nearly as bad, but she wont put her head through the stock netting just the post and rail fences.

  2. they do that !!!...I thought that it was just my lot that were long as she can get back thats ok...normally they get in and then, get stuck !!!...and need fetching !..marvellous isn't it......Jayne