Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Summertime and the Livin' is Easy

We were just admiring Cooper and I was telling Si what we had to do to try him as a stud

"I've got to put what? Where? No way".

Well the weather has been fabulous for the past few days and we have been busy catching up with all the jobs that we haven't been able to do because of the rain.

The alpacas have dried out so today we gave them a dose of liver fluke treatment as a preventative measure and then their monthly dose of 'liquid sunshine'. I said to Si should we start on the cantankerous bitch first (meaning Ms Humphreys) and he said "I would but you won't stand still long enough". I just hoped that one of them would kick him. Larralluh obliged, she always was one of my favourites. We took the opportunity to check out their fleeces again and can't wait to send our first samples away for analysis.

The fleeces that we sorted were collected by the courier today and have gone off to be processed. I can't wait to get them back even though I have been told that they are going to take a couple of months at least.

All the paddocks are spotless because we just don't want to come inside while the sun is shining, we've even been able to work with no coats on. The girls have been put into a new paddock and we had to separate Temple from her mum because Chance looked a bit on the lean side. Temple didn't seem to notice at first as she had just been given fresh hay but this evening I saw her at the fence looking over at her mum, there was no crying though. Chance hasn't seemed to notice that she's missing a baby, she hasn't lifted her head from the fresh grass.

More good news is that the contractor has said that if the weather stays dry the land should have drained enough for him to get here sometime next week to shift all the clay that Si dug out.

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  1. Maybe...Spring has Sprung !!...lets hope its not wishful thinking !!.....Jayne