Friday, 12 February 2010

Hole in the Ground

Tilly wants a go on the digger

Even Tilly knows that nagging works

We've had computer problems so have been unable to post for some time but that doesn't mean we haven't been getting on with things around here.

Our planning permission came through at the end of May last year and it took so long to get a price for the barn and then the awful weather held us back. Things are progressing now and Si has been digging a huge hole for the barn to go into.

One thing I have discovered is that anything we need from now on to do with the farm should be arranged through Mole Valley Farmers. All I have to do is tell them what I need and then they ring round for me to get the best prices, so I have a personal shopper. I've always wanted one of those but I did think it would be in John Lewis or somewhere similar. Never mind, you can't have everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've also been out rather a lot of an evening this week and are grateful to have an evening in. On Thursday we attended a talk about 'innoculations in animals' given by a vet who is in practice with Gina Bromage. We were amazed to find out that there are no medications licensed for goats. Last night we went to have drinks with people who are leaving the area and we even managed to bring David Cassidy into the conversation. Si just tutted and rolled his eyes.


  1. Great hole!
    Carl is dying to dig a hole with something mechanical - so far our holes have all been dug with a spade!

  2. Excellent...that one small step for man-kind and no doubt one giant hole when you've finished !!........Jayne

  3. Glad you like our service :) Mole Valley Plus and all the benefits it brings (such as the 'personal shopper' feature!) is rather a hidden gem within Mole Valley Farmers, we'd like more people to know about it but it isn't the easiest thing to promote. Glad it's proving useful to you anyway - long may it continue to!