Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Never Ending Story

Cooper (future stud????)
Another day of doing the same old thing. Si using the digger to make the hole even bigger. It's looking huge now and started to fill with water this afternoon when the rain came down really heavily. He has said that it is now big enough, which is just as well as he has to go and do hard sums tomorrow.

Ollie and I moved more posts down from the old paddocks and then I got on with the paddock cleaning. I remembered to put the camera in my pocket today and poor Cooper was getting really fed up of me trying to get a decent shot of him. This was my best effort. I've got loads of him walking away so I now know how good Rob is at photography. Si says it doesn't show him at his best but after all the hard work it's getting published on here.

I made pancakes tonight but Si was feeling ill and so couldn't eat any. Ollie managed four and has asked if we can have them again this week.


  1. Cooper looks the business. Nice picture.


  2. Hope that Si..is soon on the mend...Cooper looks...a fine fella !....why are they so difficult to photograph.....Jayne