Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Super Furry Animals

Yesterday it poured all day. I was determined it wasn't going to stop me from doing the paddock cleaning and when the rain lightened I wrapped myself up and went out. As soon as I was at the farthest from the house the heavens really decided to open. I carried on but then really struggled to push the wheelbarrow back to the house. When is this rain going to go away? No more work can be done on the barn until the swimming pool goes. We can't get any machinery here.

We spent yesterday evening finishing off getting the fleeces ready for the mill. I had telephoned the lady there and she was really helpful. I was practically going through them with a magnifying glass looking for any small specs of vegitation until I suddenly thought that it couldn't be done so thoroughly if it was a load of sheep fleeces. She then said that we didn't have to go that far so we are now just waiting for the bags to arrive to send them off to her. She talked me through the process on the phone. Now I just want them back to see what they turn out like. I have been practising my knitting in preparation. There are sparks flying off the needles. Si was sent to work with a fleece in his ear. It really does get everywhere, even the dogs were covered in it.

Today started off with good weather, I was out paddock cleaning before 8am and I thought I would try to get some pictures of the alpacas later in the day when they had dried out a bit. Not a hope. I was watching the local weather forecast while I had a bite of lunch and listened to the man telling me about how sunny it was in the southwest. I had to turn the TV up though as the sound of the rain on the roof was louder than him. The rain didn't let up until about 6pm. I hope it is fine tomorrow as I have all kinds of jobs planned outside. Still, I did manage to dye my hair though so I am back to being a 'natural' blonde until the roots grow through again.


  1. Fully sympathise with your quest to clean the paddocks in this weather....dismal isn't it??

  2. Sounds...just like total chaos....fleece in ear !....fleece preperation...excitement of yarn returning...natural blonde's.....back !...and so least you haven't got any snow !!!...lucky you !...Jayne