Monday, 14 December 2009

We've Built a Maze

The weather has been dry for the past few days but the ground is still so waterlogged that it is like walking through jelly trying to get to the animals. I've been having terrible problems getting around, not least because gateways have been fenced over now as the whole layout changes. I keep walking into paddocks thinking they are the fastest route to feed the animals to find I have to use the same gateway to get out and walk around the other side. The alpacas just stare at me in frustration as they see the feed buckets getting further and further away from them. A few of them even hummed at me tonight, I think they were trying to give me directions. They all still look healthy but muddy.

Si is hoping to be able to get the car up to the top paddocks tomorrow to get the fencing finished up there. He spent the weekend fitting strainers.

Our new camera arrived today and Ollie pounced on it straight away 'Oh mum, I love gadgets, I'd have been no good in Tudor times'. I don't think he realised that he would have had no concept of them then. Still, it's not as bad as when his older brother asked me what dinosaur meat used to taste like. Hopefully, I'll be able to use this camera myself and get some shots on here.

The trees are now completely bare. I thought we had a few leaves hanging on for dear life but they flew away. I must be due for another eye test soon.


  1. We need a new camera, I think it will be our Christmas present to ourselves! What sort have you gone for?

  2. Irene appears to have over complicated it lol. Its a Fujifilm Finepix J100, I was looking for one with good optical zoom this has 5x. The 12x ones were a bit too pricy for us at the moment.