Thursday, 10 December 2009

There's a Bright Golden Haze on the Meadow

There was this really funny bright yellow thing in the sky this morning. Anybody any ideas as to what it was? It was warm too, we're really enjoying this break in the winter weather.

The alpacas all got their fluke treatment and were taking it fine until Si and the boys got to this years cria and they all spat it out and had to be done a second time. They've all been body scored and checked over, no absesses or injuries which is a relief.

After lunch Si and the boys went back to fencing. We've run out of staples again so they started to dismantle more of the unwanted paddocks and we can re-use that top rail somewhere else.

I opened all the windows this morning because of the gorgeous day and today I have learned that if you open all the windows at this time of the year in the country you then have to spend the rest of the day collecting oak leaves from the beds, bath and all carpets.

I have also learnt that you do not let a man loose in the kitchen with a blender unless you are on standby with a pot of paint and brush. As nice as the pasta sauce was, tomatoes do stain white walls.


  1. That bright yellow thing in the sky didn't last long did it. We have a pea soup fog here today. Yuk!


  2. Still beautiful here today. Slight mist in the distance but I'm hoping that's the ground drying out.

  3. A mist fell on us this afternoon and now we have a frost building up - could be snow on Monday!!

  4. Ollie was putting the top rails on this afternoon wearing just a tee shirt. Must admit it is freezing now. Your happiness at last nights outcome must be giving you a warm glow though xxx

  5. No birthday message to DD? :O Very disappointed, even if it did take me a week to check xxx