Thursday, 3 December 2009


Until today it felt as though Xmas was still ages away but now we're in a panic. We got our first card and it is so cute with 3 beautiful cria on, and we've had our first snow. In fact, we've had weather today. Snow, rain, hail and sunshine. The rain and hail came down so heavily that Tilly, our bichon frise, got so frightened she ran into the bedroom and hid under the quilt.

Si and I dashed out to get some more fencing materials and needles for the Vitamin A, D & E injections. We also bought some special chuck for the drill so that we could fit a really large bit on to enable us to fit the gate hinges the four of us then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get it off again because it didn't look straight. It didn't really matter though because the rain was far too heavy to work in. We have so much water lying on the surface now that it is a real struggle to work, wellies are sticking in the ground and it takes brute strength just to lift our feet with a boot still on. Luckily, the puncture repair kit is holding up well on mine, so no more soggy socks for me.

The alpacas are all holding up well but are still not using the field shelters. We have spent the evening looking at cameras on the 'puter so that we can start to take more photos of them for the website and here.

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