Saturday, 19 December 2009

Stand Up

Another freezing day here and the alpacas are still not bothered. They have been eating loads of hay then sitting down chewing the cud. How can they bear to sit on this freezing ground? I was so tempted to go and make them get up but they really looked content. The sun has been shining all day but not giving out much warmth. We have put more straw down on the floor of the field shelters but have resorted to bribery to try to get them in there. We have put the hay in the back of them so that they may learn to appreciate getting out of the draughts.

Si has spent some time cleaning out the gutters on the park home today, it's amazing how blocked they had become in just a few months. I was checking out the plant pots, something has been stealing the winter flowering pansies by pulling them right out of the pots, roots and all, and then just dumping them on the ground. Although it is difficult to believe at the moment but spring is almost on the way, my daffodil and crocus bulbs have started to show above ground (I'm really clutching at straws here trying to be optimistic about the weather). The water buckets still have to have the ice broken on them twice a day but I'm hoping that nature knows more than we do.

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