Wednesday, 9 December 2009

It's Raining Outside And I Can't Go Out To Play

I've managed to catch a cold, I don't know how because I haven't had any human contact for about a week now apart from Si and the boys and they haven't got one. The weather has been absolutely dreadful and I thought the rain would never stop. The poor alpacas have been looking really bedraggled but it doesn't seem to have bothered them. I had been watching Chance carefully because she had been looking terribly thin until she turned around; she seems to be carrying her pregnancy all to one side.

Yesterday I thought that Si had moved us inside the Arctic Circle overnight (and taken the quilt with him) it just didn't seem to get light at all. The boys took it in their stride though and carried on with the fencing.

Today the weather has been beautiful, blue skies, animals pronking and chasing each other. Even though it has been cold the sun has been shining and their coats have started to dry out. They all look as though they have protruding spines as their fibre is drying from the top down. Tomorrow we are going to spend the day checking them all over and giving more A,D & E and treating for liver fluke as a precaution. We don't usually have any standing water in the paddocks or anywhere near but the weather of the last few weeks has meant that is nearly all we have. We're hoping the rain holds off enough to get the car into the field to get the rest of the fencing done over the weekend.

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