Sunday, 20 December 2009

John Bishop and My Noodle

We watched one of our favourite comedians on tv last night, John Bishop. We had seen him quite a few times at various comedy clubs and theatres in Liverpool. He was talking about blokes putting petrol in diesel engines and the panic it causes. Well today we set off to do Christmas shopping in Exeter and going down the very steep hill to the A35 the car started to skid and this set off the anti skid thingy. We had never experienced this before because Liverpool is flat and the roads we used to use tended to be gritted through the night. Si pulled into the local garage to check the car and decided to put some diesel in and also fill the can for the generator. A few times on the way to Exeter the car cut out and I complained about a funny smell. The boys had to push it at once stage when it wouldn't start at a set of traffic lights. We managed to do some of the shopping and were very relieved that we didn't have to call out the rescue service. Coming home we were climbing the same hilly road when we saw that a car had skidded across it and couldn't get a grip at all so Si reversed all the way down and we drove the long way round.

Tonight we were sitting watching tv and I mentioned that I thought the generator sounded a bit strange, Si had just opened the door to go out and check when it cut out. Luckily, we have a spare petrol one and he got that one started so that we could see again. He then said sheepishly 'It's my fault, Hun, I've put petrol in the car and generator'. He had checked the receipt from the garage and realised that he had put petrol in 2 cans and the car instead of diesel. That's something to be sorted in the morning. What a noodle? You'd never find a woman doing something that stupid.

Luckily, all the animals are fine and they have actually started to use the field shelters. We can tell because a few of them are wearing the fresh straw we laid down in there yesterday. It is supposed to be a bit warmer tonight but when Si went to check the water buckets again before he had to break a thin film of ice but it hadn't frozen as much as it had been. They seem a lot happier walking on the hard ground, as cold as it must be, after wading through the mud we had suffered for the past few weeks. I have checked and they haven't developed webbed feet yet.

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  1. Oh dear Si, that is letting the 'Petrol Head' side down a bit..... ;o))