Friday, 18 December 2009

Ice, Ice Baby

It started snowing here last night about 8 o'clock but it was only a thin film so the boys were disappointed. I was hoping the really cold weather was going to hold off until the end of January in the hope that the barn would be up for then. I think I am more worried about the alpacas than they are themselves. It doesn't seem to affect them at all, I can't even get them to stay in the field shelters even though we have had a really icy wind blowing all day. Ollie broke the ice on their water troughs this morning then Si had to do it all over again tonight. I must admit the paddock cleaning is a lot easier when the poo is hard, although Ollie reckons it looks worse when it is covered with ice. It's much easier and quicker to pick up than when it is soaked which I am so thankful for as I couldn't wait to get back in to the warm.

The good news is that Si can now drive the car over all the ground because it is frozen hard. This is just as well as the water has frozen in the pipes and we have no water in the house and he is having to drive up to the outdoor tap where the water arrives on our land to fill up water containers for us.

The bird feeders have been really busy all day and we have now got a few new species so tomorrow I will have to get my bird book out to try and identify them. We have promised the boys that we will buy the Xmas tree over the weekend so while I am out I will buy some lard and make up some fat balls for them to try to keep them warm.

We haven't seen much of the pigs today, they have been snuggled up together in their ark keeping warm and looking quite content though.

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