Wednesday, 20 April 2011

You Build Up Hope

Still no babies, they say a watched pot never boils and this seems to apply to alpacas too.  A couple of times today we had our hopes built up but then they just went back to normal.  Everytime one lifts her tail we think that she is about to give birth, if they roll in their dust bath we think they are having contractions.  We're now thinking that it is some kind of conspiracy, the weather would be perfect to have little ones running around in the paddocks.

Chance is one of our angels.  She has only produced girls for us and the first two have already won prizes for their fleeces, following in her footsteps, last years cria hasn't had hers entered into any shows as yet but it is looking and feeling even better than her older sisters.  Chance has a permanent dent in her fleece around her neck as whichever paddock we put her in she always wants to feed from the next one and she will reach through as far as she can so that the stock wire digs into her fleece.

Temple is Chance's daughter from 2009 and we are looking forward to seeing her cria later in the year.  She still loves to settle next to her mum to sleep at night.

There is still no rain forecast for the foreseeable future and we are in desperate need of it as the resting paddocks have been reseeded in the bare patches.  We will have to resort to watering it ourselves for the next few days from the water butts.  We're not complaining about the sunshine but it would be nice if it rained lightly through the night.


  1. I agree, these alpacas certainly conspire against you when it comes to birthing!!

  2. Its a exciting worrying time...its a case of..its today, then when its not today, its tomorrow....and on !! I had that, it lasted a fortnight !.......a spring shower overnight....would be great !......Jayne