Thursday, 14 April 2011

Home Sweet Home

Today we have had rain and we are so grateful for this as we have put grass seed in the bald patches in the empty paddocks, fingers crossed that it gets a chance to grow before the birds eat it all.  It has been such a strange time here as Hope, Sanctimonious and Aurora are now well past their due dates and they are really hormonal.  Hope has been trying to mount Aurora who has been spitting with a vengeance.  Eleanor is still desperate for another cria to play with and every time poor Bubbles tries to have a nap she is woken up.  She has even resorted to pronking with Eleanor of an evening, we think this is a ploy to tire her out so that she sleeps longer.  Bubbles isn't due to have her cria until the end of summer but it looked as though she was trying to bounce it out last night,

Cherrybomb is really overweight and has been acting pregnant although she is empty.  We had the vet out to give her Estrumate on last Thursday and she was mated again on Sunday.  She has a fantastic fleece and we really want to see what she can produce in a cria so more fingers are crossed making it extremely difficult to knit.  We have also cut down on her grazing time and she has been put on a diet by keeping her by the barn and only letting her out into the paddock for a couple of hours a day.

Cherub and Sweetheart are enjoying having a new home.  When it rains they act as though somebody is throwing acid at them and run for shelter straight away so today they still had space to play indoors.  I think they should have curtains and fitted carpet but Si reckons he has to finish fitting the windows first.


  1. Looking good....would that be Gingham curtains....and matching tie backs !....sounds lovely....but I think the window is more...appropriate !!.....looks like its appreciated....already !!.........Jayne

  2. Just catching up on blogs - been busy with small black things! All looks good - we will try to get over this weekend to see it all!