Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hammer Time

Si has been busy building a new home for the pygmy goats, Sweetheart and Cherub.  It all came with instructions on how to put it together, but obviously he had to do that male thing and completely disregard them.  It was all completed and looking great and I was getting excited about getting the goats into their new paddock when he announced that the roof would have to come off again because he had two pieces of wood left over that were part of the roof eaves frame.  Maybe a bit of reading before reaching for the hammer would have been a good idea.

Ashdale Cooper should be looking quite content at the moment as he has been a busy boy and getting plenty of action on the empty females.  We can't wait to see what he produces as he has genetics from EP Cambridge Peruvian Spartacus from his sire EP Cambridge Samson.

 Ashdale Carrie in the foreground with Ashdale Penny Lane making sure that she gets in the picture too.

Ashdale My Bonnie is a right little madam and is showing some of last years cria who is the leader of the pack.  She is great fun to watch of an evening when she tries to get everybody to play with her, if they don't join in with the pronking she just jumps on them until they do.


  1. The alpacas are looking lovely !! Lokking forward to seeing Sweetheart and Cherub in their new house !!.......Jayne

  2. Looking good! Not sure Carrie can see out though - looks very 'fleecy' (fleecy is a highly technical term used by us shepherds here in Dorset!!)