Monday, 18 April 2011

Thorn In My Side

Still no news on the birthing front.  Si actually crawled around the paddock trying to look under the girls to see if there was any sign of an udder on any of them but only Kylie shows any signs and she was only due today.

As the goats have been moved into their new paddock we became aware of a problem, nothing that couldn't be overcome without an added chore for us.  They no longer have access to a hedge and they loved to nibble away at the willow, hawthorn and blackthorn so we now have to cut a few branches every day.  Problem solved.  They no longer have a buffet but have a new home delivery service.

 Cherub enjoying her takeaway

Sweetheart was sulking when we took the second delivery of twigs.  He keeps sticking his head through the fence to get whatever is on the other side of it and he has damaged his ear tags.  Today he ripped his ear slightly so we decided to take his tags out before he hurt himself further.  He fought and moaned whilst we held him down to do it but they are now out and he has blue ears from the terramycin spray.

Penny posing for the camera and My Bonnie decided she had to try and get in shot.  They are really getting used to the camera now.

We did a spit off with Nata today and she has held her pregnancy, it seems strange checking that she is pregnant to produce cria in 2012.  Mimi who is one of the fat bottomed girls was mated to Cooper today, we're not sure that she will conceive as she still looks really overweight but not as bad as Cherrybomb.  Wisden was introduced to Juno today to see if he is ready yet to perform stud duties but even though Juno kept circling him with her tail up he didn't show any interest so we will try him again next month.

We also had another telephone call from a couple who are interested in keeping alpacas and they are due to visit us next weekend.  I'm just hoping that we have more new cria to be able to show them.  There is definitely a lot of interest in alpaca farming out there at the moment.

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  1. The cria are looking lovely ! must be nice to get a service....!! for your favourite meals.......Jayne