Thursday, 28 April 2011

After An Exciting Day It's Hard To Stay Awake

Well, they say that no news is good news so that must mean that the overdue pregnant females are all carrying beautiful female cria. I feel like a child waiting for Christmas.

Another glorious day weatherwise but the ground is cracking it is so dry. We will be so grateful when the promised rain arrives on Friday, this means that I can finally scatter the wildflower seeds just inside the entrance to our farm.  I'm hoping to make the area really colourful as soon as people come through the gate. We will be planting more trees there in the Autumn.

Four boys left us today, they have been sold and gone off to pastures new. We are feeling really flattered as we were recommended by two different people and their new owners travelled quite a way to see and then collect them. We gave them preventative treatments and trimmed their nails, with difficulty as they had only been done last month, but we want to make the transition easier for the new owners. They will have their full medical history back to when they were born including every manicure. I love Herd Manager it makes it so easy to be efficient.  We haven't marked them as sold on the website but that can wait until tomorrow now, we have only listed the boys for sale on there as we think prospective purchasers would want to examine the fleeces of the girls that we have for sale before making decisions.

Si has been doing more halter training on two of the younger boys that are also up for sale.

 Biffy showing what a clever boy he is for the camera.

He can also walk in tandem with Timothy.

Si even managed to find time to get the strimmer out and attack the nettles, These longer, light evenings are such a help in getting all the extra little jobs done around the place.

I heard of a really tragic dog attack on alpacas in the US today.  Their owner has written the most beautiful tribute to the animals that she really loved.  The link to it is here.  I defy any alpaca owner to read this without crying.  My heart goes out to her, I couldn't imagine anything more horrifying happening to these gentle animals.


  1. Halter training looks good - and what clean fields you have!
    Congratulations on the sales!

  2. Congratulations on selling your four boys. Agree with you on the dry ground though! We certainly need the rain now!!

  3. Excellent news, I bet the new owners are really excited with their lovely new....boys ! Looking good with the halter training.......Jayne