Sunday, 17 April 2011

Fat Bottomed Girls

We have started our own branch of weight watchers here and thankfully we only have two members, Cherrybomb and Mimi.  The vet has checked them both and the conclusion is that because they weren't pregnant they gained weight and because they are overweight it is now going to be difficult to get them pregnant, I think you could call that 'Catch 22'.  They have been put onto limited grazing and will just have to fill themselves up on hay whether they like it or not, neither of them are very happy with the situation but needs must and all that.

We had an early start this morning, mainly to check on the overdue pregnancies, surely those girls can't hold on much longer if the mating dates we were given are correct, but Si alternated between checking out of the window and watching the Grand Prix qualifying rounds on TV.  Once they had finished we set to on the chores and some more farm improvements but had left the telephones inside.  We had been doing some paddock cleaning when we noticed some people at the gate so Si went down to see if anything was wrong.  They had been trying to telephone us to make an appointment to see the alpacas as they are interested in buying a few for their land.  We were more than happy to show this lovely couple around and talk alpaca with them, it gave us a welcome break. They asked if it would be ok to return in the next couple of weeks and we are always happy to have visitors who want to learn more about alpacas.  The wife said she could see what I meant on our website about them being totally addictive.

They were delighted with the way the alpacas hummed softly to each other and Ms Humphreys and Bonnie were more than happy to show how they communicated with each other.  Bonnie is still really active and wants to spend her days playing and charging around, it's as though she doesn't have enough hours in the day to get into all the trouble she wants to create.

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  1. Surprise visitors..!! excellent excuse to spend the day....just enjoying and talking alpaca.....couldn't think of a better pass the day !!.....Jayne