Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Maybe Tomorrow

We've never had to wait this long for cria before and we don't like it.  The overdue girls have just been sitting round all day soaking up the sunshine, it would seem that we are the only ones getting stressed about the situation.  They are getting through a lot of water with a couple of them hardly moving from their drink containers.

The goats have made sure that we haven't been getting bored and are going through a lot of willow and hawthorn which we are still delivering to them twice a day.  Sweetheart had his head stuck in the fence again and when Si went to rescue him he noticed that there appeared to be something in his eye.  He came back to the house to get some pre-boiled water and cotton buds to try to remove it but at the same time I was delivering a fresh takeaway to them and he decided to free himself from the fence to partake.  By the time Si had returned to do some emergency medical cleansing to his eye whatever had been there had gone.

As well as delivering treats to the goats we have been picking nettles for the pigs, we have been dressing appropriate for the weather in shorts and tee-shirts but his now seems unwise as we are both sitting here covered in nasty red bumps and trying hard not to scratch.  I think we need to cover up more before we collect any more for them.

1 comment:

  1. Its hard all that waiting for the babies to appear, keeps you on tenderhooks, its funny how its us getting all stressed and the mums just take it as it comes, hope they make an appearance soon. But you know what they say a watched pot never cooks, and those babies are obviously not cooked yet.

    Fingers crossed, maybe today is the day?