Friday, 2 April 2010

Weather With You....................

...............and us.  We've had sunshine, snow, hail, gale force winds, mist and rain all in the past two days.  Everytime Si books time off work to get some work done around here we get snow, I have warned Jayne at Zanzibar Alpacas that he is thinking of taking more time off in July so she can expect more snow in the middle of summer.  The ground had dried out nicely after winter but we have mud baths for the alpacas again now but the forecast is for better weather over the next few days.

Does anybody make wellies for alpacas?

Ollie was worried that the hailstones would hurt Timothy but they didn't seem to bother him, nothing is going to stop him from charging around the paddock, not even another alpaca standing in his way.  He charges into the side of Mimi all the time and she doesn't take any notice but I think that is because she has got used to it by now.

The grass is growing pretty well now with all the rain and the animals have really cut back on the amount of hay they are getting through.  We did want to get some spit offs done this past week but have decided to wait until next week for the drier weather.  As we haven't been able to get the car up to where the new paddocks are going we haven't been able to get the fencing done that we wanted.  It's pretty frustrating as the posts are all in waiting.  I still haven't been able to start planting out my strawberry plants because the area I want to use as a veg and fruit garden is heavy clay mud which now has small ponds all over it and I can't risk compressing it any further or it will dry hard and crack.


  1. I have just emerged from my knitting to catch up on the blogs! We also have torrential rain and the fencing has slowed down as everything just slides around. Timothy looks great!

  2. We have had the same sort of thing, our fields and animals are rather muddy too - roll on Summer; hopefully it will be a better one than last year.

  3. I have made a note...not to July ! its...all your fault....I thing you should cancel your holidays...!!.......why do the alpacas love the much !...:(