Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Get Off My Cloud

Si is now off work until next Wednesday, he is supposed to be getting the fencing finished but the weather is really getting on our nerves now as it is holding things back.  The clouds are so low that we can't see the paddocks and it has been like this for the past week.  We have to keep walking round checking the animals because they can't be seen from the window.  We have also discovered that our waterproof clothes can only cope with so much rain and the weather lately has pushed them far past their limits.  We keep coming back in with rain pouring down our backs.

All the animals are well although they don't really look it as they are all covered in mud, we can't take any photograps to prove it though.  Timothy has been wearing a coat to try to keep him dry as he dashes round the paddock.  He is coping with the mud much better than we are but that is probably because he is so light and quick he just skims the surface.

Poor Ollie is getting really fed up, he is raring to go now as he sees the place coming together but everytime he goes outside the heavens open again.  He decided to stay out in the rain to get some work completed today and then came in and stood in front of the fire to try to dry out.  The steam was rising off him, so much rain had soaked through his waterproofs.

Si had a dental appointment this afternoon and for some reason he was given a gold crown at the back.  If he tells me to get on with my knitting one more time I will be chopping off his head and sending it off to one of those companies that are currently advertising on tv for gold.

We have actually seen a small patch of blue sky this evening so we are living in hope that things get brighter for the weekend.

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