Sunday, 11 April 2010

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink

The title has nothing to do with the Grand National, although I did manage to pick the winner for the first time in the 20 years I've been betting on it and at odds of 22-1.

No, this is about taking Cooper for his first "introduction" to Mimi, as you can see the other young boys wanted to follow. For all his show in front of the other boys he was a complete wuss on his own with a female but it is probably a bit early for him yet.

When he got in to the catchpen with her he had one sniff and she turned and spat at him, which was a worry as normally you can bank on her to react like (how to put this politely) a lady of questionable reputation. We hoped it was just first date jitters so we brought down Merlin, to check Mimi and also to educate Cooper on what to do. Sure enough he got her straight on the ground. Poor Merlin was just dragged off and put back in his own paddock. Mimi has obviously been watching 'Sex and the City' and is going to stick to the 'third date rule'. We left Cooper and Mimi together for a couple of hours to see if anything would happen with us out of the way. The pair of them grazed contentedly together so I am looking on it as a first date with a meal out. We came in and just watched through the window; Si kept saying "just 'do' her will you", see, romance is well and truly alive and living in Devon.

We made another trip to Mole Valley yesterday and have ordered another four field gates and some alpaca hurdles. Whenever we got there we usually have to ask Dawn for advice about something and she is really helpful and never laughs if some of our questions may seem stupid to her. We were chatting as she took our order and I mentioned that I loved a really sturdy garden set they had outside but had nowhere to put it yet. I don't know how she did it but a few minutes later we came out knowing that the garden set is going to be delivered in a few weeks with the alpaca hurdles. Every store should have a salewoman like her, she appears to know where everything is kept and if they don't have something in stock she knows where to get it and when it will be in. So that's April and May's salary spent.

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  1. Hope you put enough money on the winner to pay for all your purchases!...I find that it is fatal visiting farm supplies (ours even sells bottles of wine by the dozen);0