Monday, 5 April 2010

Breaker One-Nine... This here's The Duck again...

DD arrived yesterday, our policy on children is one in, one out so Ollie was packed off to Liverpool this morning. It was straight then to meet Carl, Rosemary and Sam of Westhill Alpacas at a car park in Exeter and escort them in convoy to M&M Alpacas. Stood in the car park comparing knitting between two cars must have looked like a big drugs deal. If only the drive had been smooth sailing, they managed to get ahead of us but took a wrong turn, we tried to direct them over the phone but it was too late, it took a bit of manouvering to get back on the right track.

Had we gone straight there we may have been in time to see M&M's latest birth a lovely light fawn girl had just arrived. We watched the baby and chatted for a while before going up to see our own alpacas that currently reside there. Not long now till we can have them over here. It was then over to have a nose at the goats including the two new babies. We also had a look at their genuine Easter chicks just a day old. A quick coffee and it was time to hit the road again.

This is the first time DD has been down since October so we have a christmas tree up and celebrating both Easter and Christmas. A sure fire way to overdose on chocolate.

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