Friday, 9 April 2010

Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be David Bailey

 Halo looking straight at the camera when I was trying to get her in profile

Every time I tried to take a snap of Temple she put her head down to graze

Since the start of this glorious weather I have been trying to take photos of the alpacas for our brochures.  I have followed them around paddocks, sat and waited but everytime I lift the camera they start to graze and it is almost impossible to get shots of them standing up properly.  Laura and I went to the top paddock yesterday because I wanted individual shots of all the pregnant females, we went into the paddock and they all went to the gate and queued to get out.  This photography game isn't as easy as it looks.

We have had another busy few days, Si has sprayed the docks, harrowed, we've moved the pregnant girls into a fresh paddock, doing more work on the fencing all at the same time as he has been doing hard sums in the office.

We were really pleased when we moved the girls, we had to take them past Cooper who we are hoping to use as a stud.  He went crazy trying to get to the girls through the fence so we have decided to try him with Mimi this weekend and will just have to hope that she will be gentle with him.

Last night we went to a talk on countryside management, it was really informative and afterwards we went late night shopping with Laura.  Si sat in the car park to listen to the football match along with a lot of other men doing the same thing.  The supermarket was filled with women on their own and as the men were outside we all took the opportunity to buy loads of pretty things.  Si turned up just as we were paying and couldn't believe how much we had managed to spend and have so little food to show for it.  Still, it makes a change from buying stakes, animal feed and fencing.  Laura has gone home today and I am missing her already, I can actually hear the tv but we have spoken on the phone twice already.

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  1. Temple looks good but the one of Halo is not coming up on my laptop.
    Looking forward to a photo of Cooper in action!