Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I'm So Tired

Title is about Si, he's been snoring on the sofa for the past half hour.  He sat down turned the channel over on the tv and then fell asleep.  There was actually a programme on the other side that I wanted to watch but never mind.  He's been working really hard today on the fencing.  The top rails and wire have all been fitted and with a bit of luck he should be able to get a vehicle up there over the weekend to get the stock fencing done.  The ground doesn't seem to be draining very fast and we now have rain again, albeit very fine.

Laura crawled out of bed around lunchtime today, well, she is a student.  She has got a 3,000 word assignment to do for Uni while she is here and she seems to have been working really hard on it this afternoon and evening.  She is obviously sending it to her tutor via text, about ten words at a time as the mobile hasn't left her hand all day and I know how close the deadline for this work is.  She has taken the occasional break from all this hard work by checking her 'facebook' status and talking on the phone.

When we visited my gorgeous boys yesterday they very kindly gave us a joint of pork which we had for dinner this evening.  It was lovely but now I feel guilty that I have eaten one of Bacardi or Cokes siblings.  If I see Si heading outside with the jar of apple sauce I will start to panic.

Ms Humphreys is obviously feeling a lot better so her mating has been organized.  We decided to give her body a rest after the retained placenta and the subsequent treatment and medications.  She will be mated next Tuesday and photographs will be taken of her new beau.

I have been busy knitting again and Si noticed that I was doing the final rib on the snood I was making and asked if I should have changed to smaller needles.  Carl (Rosemary's husband) and Si are brilliant theoretical knitters and they are going to have to be very careful or they will find that they actually have to make a garment or two.  I'm not sure that Rosemary could get Carl to do it though as he has now modelled two items for her which means that he is now a Supermodel and won't get out of bed for less that £10,000.  When Rosemary and I were having a moan the other week about poo picking being a never ending chore and saying that a woman's work is never done Si reckoned we should organize our time better.

His latest sexist comment was, on hearing that four female astronauts were on the space shuttle heading towards the International Space Station, 'They'll have to take a man to give them directions'. 


  1. The thing is with men, they can only work in short bursts. Carl has also been snoring after a burst of fencing energy - I, however, am still up knitting!

  2. Shrug and Snood finished. Hat tomorrow.

  3. My dad is the same when my mum is knitting - keeps an eye on her and full of advice!

  4. Four women drivers in a Space Shuttle ?

    They will be just passing the planet Mars when they stop talking and realise they have missed the turning they needed back in Earth's orbit.

    Whoops !!!