Thursday, 29 April 2010

Mole Valley personal shopper comes through

It's been a busy day here today. Machinery arrived on Tuesday and yesterday saw a delivery of posts all for the new barn. Today the pieces were being put together, thankfully the guy wasn't put off by a bit of rain as it started shortly after he arrived. Hopefully the rain won't get too bad and make it impossible to work on the ground.

Meanwhile we have had to keep a close eye on one of the wethers. He seems to have banged his face on something a few days ago and ended up with quite a large lump on the bridge of his nose, it got infected and we are now treating with antibiotics and cleaning out the infection, hopefully it'll clear up in a few days.

Mole Valley called today too, our alpaca hurdles arrived so they'll be arriving early next week along with more gates and the new garden furniture.


  1. That looks like a substantial pile of posts! Rather like a giant jigsaw!

  2. Its all go.....hope your boy is recovering..after his injury !...there must be something in the air at the minute !....Jayne

  3. There is Jayne. Loads of rain:) Hate injecting when they're wet so need this barn up fast.