Friday, 30 April 2010

Now You See It .............................

Another really busy day. We had an early start when a lorry arrived just as Si was going off to do his hard sums. It had the roof for the barn on it. I came back in to get the cheque book thinking that I had to pay him but when I got back outside he had driven off, apparently he couldn't get through the gate. As we've had tractors, caravans, park homes, delivery lorries all before I don't really see what the problem was maybe we will find out next week if anybody actually speaks to me.

Another man arrived later with another lorry, he managed to drive straight through the gate with no problem. It was another load of timber, he set to and unloaded on his own while his dog ran around. Si has just told me that they are purlings, he thinks. He must have picked that word up at Mole Valley sometime or listening to my gorgeous boys as he probably doesn't really know what they are. Anyway, they are really long pieces of 3x2, ok that is a guess too.

Hopefully this barn will be up before winter is here again. I have so much clutter to get stored in it.

The ground has finally got soft enough to rake slightly so I have taken advantage and scattered some grass seed over all the bare patches. Maybe over the weekend I can get my soil samples collected and ready to send off.

Barney seems to be getting better, the lump on his face is now going down, there was hardly any pus in there today. We will have another look in the morning when we bathe it again but he has finished his antibiotics now.

Sweetheart (pygmy goat) has started to grow one of his horns again so we may have to contact the vet to come out to cauterize it. We are hoping that the rain stays off for a while so that we can try Ms Humphreys with a male. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she spits at Merlin, I really can't wait for her to produce a cria from Thunder so I need her to be pregnant from the first mating. Oh, 11 months is such a long time to wait.

We've just remembered that we still have to photocopy our entries to the GWR Alpaca Fleece and Fibre Show to get in the post tomorrow. Ha, Si is now doing it, it's only taken about 4 mentions of it tonight. I've been far too busy knitting to do it.


  1. If it was always 11 months, I would have a cria by now!
    Very impressive building terminology you are starting to use - we'll be hearing all about your muck, your aggregate, your arris and your corbelling next!

  2. Rosemary.....please.....some things have to be kept private:)