Monday, 3 May 2010

Two New Arrivals

The purlings and digger came for the barn.

Things keep arriving but men keep disappearing, I wonder if they think these are Bob The Builders friends and don't need drivers to get the work done.

How many of you remember the t-shirts of the eighties by Global Hypercolour that changed colour. Well our new drive appears to be made from the same stuff. It started off reddish (coral if you ask Irene) and when it gets wet turns grey/purple (mauve if you ask Irene). Why can't women accept if it isn't one of seven colours of the spectrum it isn't really a colour.

Irene's still not very well. It's very upsetting, I've had to do all of the paddock cleaning and perhaps worst of all, watering the flowers.

I did a spit-off with Ms Humphreys, sorry, Merlin did a spit off with Ms Humphreys. I just watched I swear. She passed with flying colours (ok just green), Irene is already counting down the days until next March.

I also gave Cooper another shot at Mimi, still not interested sadly but I'm sure he'll grow out of his awkward teenager stage soon.

Yesterday we bumped into some old friends in Tescos. Apparently their son was on Britains Got Talent last week as part of "Spellbound" a group of Acrobatic Gymnastics. We had seen it and were amazed, we new their son did this but didn't he was part of this team. It's ashame this is the only way they could get recognition. Doug (their son) and some of the others are gold medal winners at the European Championships and have been selected to attend the World Championships later in the year. Apparently they are currently favourites to win BGT, not bad eh! Check them out on youtube search for spellbound britain's got talent.

Finally, we have been sent a link to a new blog that has been set up recently. We've actually received it a few times, via Dianne Summers TB update group and on our facebook page. Go to . Very interesting it is, I hope it makes some people sit up and take note.

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