Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

We have been mad busy for the past few days. On Sunday we had to get up early to attend a Lambing Day. It was really informative and a lot of what we learned can be carried over to alpacas. As 'proper' farmers Nicky and Simon taught us what is the best way to prepare the animals through breeding and welfare to produce the best meat. I have a problem with this being a city person and couldn't stop saying 'Aaaaagh' every time one of the new lambs started to play. Why does meat have to look so cute with it's coat on? It really was a day well-spent and Nicky has a really wicked sense of humour which helps to remember things.

Si has been working extra days this week but is working here tomorrow because the fencing contractor telephoned to say that he will be here first thing in the morning. I can't wait to have a birthing paddock right under the window, it means we can watch the births at close quarters without having to stress out the mother.

The weather has been dreadful again with heavy mists so that we have to keep going out to check the animals as we can't see them at all. I even managed to get over and get their food in the feeders without them seeing me this morning it was so thick and I had to call the animals over. Timothy is still running around a lot but when Si got home tonight he was fast asleep and as it is so unusual for him to be still Si got really worried. He was soon charging around again though. Ms Humphreys seems to have recovered from the birth and retained placenta, she has just finished a course of antibiotics so hopefully she will be ready to be remated in a few weeks.

I have been practising my knitting and trying to design some hat patterns, while I have been unable to work outdoors, in anticipation of getting our fibre back from the mill soon. I also bought a book with instructions on how to crochet but I forgot to buy a crochet hook, I have been searching through all my knitting needles as I was convinced I had one somewhere and Si reckons he has now read the book all the way through and he thinks he could crochet if he had one prerequisite, coordination.


  1. Sounds like you have been really busy...the lambs..are lovely...and well on the crocheting..'any thing you can do..I can do better'..I think thats how the saying goes..glad Ms Humphries..and Timothy are thriving....Jayne

  2. Trying to work on getting colours the same and framework round it. Speeds are so slow and animals taking priority, preventative treatments this morning. I also spend so much time watching Timothy, he's so cute but absolutely filthy at the moment.