Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Day Tripper


We have had a really hectic but enjoyable day today. Si dashed around doing the hay, water and morning feeds while Ollie and I got ready to go out. We have been to visit MGB along with our other alpacas; we obviously disturbed Biffy mid-meal.

We had a walk around the paddocks and a look at their animals, they are much further along in their breeding programme than us and now own some really impressive stud boys. It was freezing cold and I couldn't wait to get back into the warm in front of their wood burner. We then went into the barn to admire their chickens and pigmy goats (I have my name down for another girl when they are born later this month). We decided that we were all starving so drove to Bovey Tracey and visited a really pretty, lively pub that did a carvery for £3.50 a head; it's amazing how much food can be piled onto a plate.

After a happy hour or two in the pub we went back to M&M Alpacas to get some photos for the leaflets that I should have ordered last week. By the time we had had another coffee and chat the day had vanished and we had to get back quickly to feed our own animals. It was dark and freezing by the time we got home so poor Si had to walk round the paddocks in the dark to check and feed the alpacas. I am now sitting in front of the tv with my knitting needles click-clacking away so that I have something to show Rosemary when she next comes to visit.

So we have had a lovely day out with the added bonus of double paddock cleaning tomorrow but at least it will help to work off the calorific intake of today. We also bought a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and polished off the lot.


  1. I have now got a hat to show you! But I have now decided to have two ranges of knitwear - the Elite range (not knitted by me) and the Knitted with Love and no Skill range (knitted by me)!

  2. Happy knitting ladies.

    I've been knitting myself a shrug (it will be my first Barnacre garment of my own!) for over a week now; I need it for a wedding at the weekend and it's just not growing!!