Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Long and Winding Road

Thursday began with the contractor arriving while it was still dry. It is amazing how many posts can be put in with a tractor, much quicker than by hand. The ground was still wet but he managed to get most of the paddocks done. On Saturday morning we went to Mole Valley to buy some more fencing so that Si can get that fitted next week. We also bought some drugs for the alpacas. That sentence sounds more exciting than it actually was.

The large rubble is gradually being put into the new drive ready for the scalpings on top. We have been walking round checking the hedges and are amazed at just how many of the trees are in bud. We still haven't had time to plant the potatoes and strawberry plants that we bought as all our energy and time is going on getting things ready to have the barn erected.

This morning, Chance, who always sticks her head through the fencing to get at the grass that has been untouched by anybody else, had got her head caught. Not satisfied with putting her head through the gate, she had obviously spotted some extra sweet grass on the other side of the boys' paddock next to her. At the corner of the paddock she had put her head through to the boys then out into the chase so that her neck then got stuck on the diagonal. Luckily, we had just gone out again to give the boys their liver fluke treatment when we spotted her. Si had to climb into the boys paddock and he guided her head and ears through safely while I panicked. I was all for just cutting the fence. She could have been like that for over an hour but it didn't seem to do her any harm. I went and got the feed bucket to see if she carried on as usual at the feeding trough and she didn't seem stressed at all, she pushed her way along jolting everybody else out of the way.

It started to rain heavily around 5pm so we all came back in again and started to work on getting our logo on the blog and brightening it up a bit. Si fell asleep over the laptop as he has been up before the birds the past two days to watch the Grand Prix. I can't believe he got up at 6 yesterday just to watch the 'qualifiers'. He's been really lively company this weekend.

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